Why EVV?

Electronic Visit Verification 

Federal CMS and AHCCCS, mandates all agencies within the state of Arizona to have 100% of staff providing Attendant Care, Habilitation and Respite in compliance with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) by January 1st, 2021. Our current billing system, DDReports, has created an EVV system that has been approved by AHCCCS. DDReports will merge all their apps; EVV (AutoVisit), goal tracking (Etrials) and billing to create SpokeChoice. On November 16th, our company will shift from using DDReports to SpokeChoice. We have been given very short notice about this change but are excited to streamline our systems to better support our families and providers.

Some of the benefits of SpokeChoice are:
• SpokeChoice was created by makers of DDReports and will have a similar feel and be mobile friendly.
• It’s a one stop system for your billing, goal tracking, EVV and member/guardian approval of timesheets.
• If using EVV, paper billing can be eliminated:
o No need for paper Attendant Care or Habilitation data, it will be recorded electronically before provider clocks out of a shift.
o Daily notes and Monthly Coversheet will no longer be required.
o Members/Guardians no longer need to sign physical timesheets. Members and Guardians can approve hours worked through their own SpokeChoice account. Approval can be completed on a phone, tablet or internet enabled device.
o All billing and data sheets will be submitted to GMS electronically. There will no longer be a need to drop off billing at a GMS location.
• Members, Guardians and Providers can view their balance of authorizations in real time.
• Implementing this process now will help us proactively correct any issues while becoming fully compliant with AHCCCS mandate.
• You will only need one login for multiple roles as provider, guardian or even if you use SpokeChoice with other agencies. Less logins and passwords to remember.

We need your help to ensure your DDReports account is ready to migrate to SpokeChoice:
• Please make sure your email, home address and phone number are current with GMS. If you are unsure, please contact your manager to verify your info is correct.
• If you haven’t already, please contact your manager or Heather (heatherp@gmsaz.org) to set up your DDReports/SpokeChoice login.

Thank you for working with us to learn EVV and our newly improved platform, SpokeChoice. We know change can be intimidating but we are working diligently to create support and gather as much information as possible to share with you. We will be sending out tutorials and be available for 1-1 support. For technical support or as you have questions arise, you can reach out to your Manager or email our support team at EVVsupport@gmsaz.org.