HCBS – Referral Process

We are always looking for qualified direct care workers. Visit our Employment page for more information.

Basic Information

HCBS services should generally be prescheduled and consistent. Providers rely on consist schedules. This is their livelihood and they need to know they will be able to work as scheduled. If a provider is not consistent, please contact your GMS manager and share your concerns.

Some providers may be willing to transport but it is not a requirement and is not a guaranteed service. The need for transportation will limit provider availability. Providers do not receive extra payment for transporting members we serve.

Please send us your contact information as well as a little info about your loved one so we can assess if we have a proper placement for them. A questionnaire can be found at the bottom of the page.

Interested in GMS HCBS Services?

While we cannot guarantee you care, but please complete the linked questionnaire below to let us know you are interested in our services.